Report on January meeting

    First off, I apologize for my tardiness in getting this out. 
    The first meeting of the year (it's 2018 in case you weren't paying attention) got off to slow but steady start at the Fredericton Inn.  Despite a heavy snowfall, many folks made it.
  • Gary welcomed all and said some stuff but I mostly forgot what it was since I forgot my notebook at the restaurant. 
  • oh ya....he asked for a consensus on the Christmas party.  We mostly agreed that it went fine, but suggested a different spot.  The Freddy Inn was suggested and someone will look into it. 
  • He also passed around a thank you note from Rotary International in  response to our Christmas donation. 
  • a few folks made New Year's resolutions regarding their car projects. If you were there, you're welcome to harass them as their deadlines approach. 
  • We chose Luna Pizza for our next meeting (February) and someone will arrange it.
    Bob E.

FABAC Meeting January 17th

Reservations made for Regency Room at Fredericton Inn for Wednesday Jan 17.

Herb & Helen

How about a '1976' TR6 all new Electric?!

This might be the ticket for anyone who wants to save the planet from global warming and still drive a LBC.  Would be interesting to know the price, in US$ of course.


Hi Rita-n-Bob,

        I guess it's pretty warm down there isn't it.  Do they have mosquitoes there?
        It's been just fine here with our record breaking cold snap over the holidays. This brought a bunch of snow mixed with rain and high winds (that hit 170 KPH in places).  Dianne and I returned from our holiday in Halifax on Monday and were greeted by a glacier on the roof that decided to break loose under the influence of the warm (+11ÂșC) winds last night.  I got to spend the day shoveling the cement-like snow/ice and repairing the deck top in the pounding rain.  Thankfully I'd repaired my snowblower this fall and it cleared (barely) the glacial till from the driveway.  This had slid off late last night waking us from a deep slumber.
      Take care of yourselves and don't spare the sun screen.
    -  Bob E. and your (frozen) friends up north.
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Info Request from Ralph

Has anybody here been to the  Beaulieu Spring Auto JumbleI find myself in the neighborhood this May and it is very tempting to join in the fray.  Any advice appreciated.


Holiday Party Report

      The 2017 end-year party came and went in high style with the usual hi-jinks and merriment, then peppered with a couple of notable events.  Alex and Lise were congratulated on their recent 58th wedding anniversary.  As noted in the previous post, Al Thomas collected a sizable sum for the Easter Seals campaign.
      We were all terribly disappointed that Gary didn't deliver his famous year end synopsis and there was much subdued whispering about not letting it happen again. Then, John failed to bring one of his quizzes.  I know I'm not the only one that loves these things.
       After dinner, the Yankee swap provided a good hour of fun with considerable horse trading and a bit of outright thievery.  It looked like someone cleaned out his garage with one ancient tool being gifted.  Finally, after having been AWOL for several years, our treasured MG mud flaps reappeared.  Those things are growing a long and esteemed provenance. 
       As folks started to trickle out, Gary hurriedly made a plea for our next dinner location.  It was hotly contested with the Fredericton Inn supporters beating everyone else into submission.  This will be in January on either the 17th or 18th (something to do with the buffet offering).
- Bob E.

  PS: Dianne E welcomes emails while she twiddles her thumbs in Halifax.

FABAC Charity Results

Thanks to everyone, we raised $325 for Easter Seals to help send a "kid to camp".

Two envelopes included cash but no name or address. If you forgot to include your name and address and you want a tax receipt, please contact me.

Again, thank you to everyone.

Al Thomas

FABAC Christmas/Holiday Party - Wed Dec 13

Just to remind you our party will be held again at McGinnis Landing Library room Wed Dec 13 beginning at 5:30pm. We will be having our annual Yankee Swap. For those wishing to participate in the Yankee Swap please bring a wrapped gift in the $10.00 - $15.00 range. As well this year we will be supporting a local charity that Al Thomas has organized for us. It's in  support of a "Kid to Camp" for summer 2018.The program is administered by Easter Seals N.B. for Camp Rotary at Grand Lake.

Hope to see you all there,


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