Houlton International Wings & Wheels

It was a wonderful day for a drive today(Tuesday) in the B and we ended up in Houlton. Came across this posted for the Houlton International Wings & Wheels on August 12th, 7:00AM to 4:00PM with a number of things happening throughout the day.
- Phil

An update on Ralph and Karen—our Fundy FABACians

I have taken the liberty of grabbing the latest purchase by Ralph and Karen as found on Facebook. I hope you don't mind, Ralph.
- David

"Well this happened. following weeks of online research and days of setting up appointments we did a marathon drive to the eastern townships followed by a second marathon run all over the country side to look at half a dozen Rialta units for sale and picked this one. After we agreed on a price we had a long session with the super nice owners going over the unit and hit the road for another marathon drive back home. Gosh this retirement thing can be exhausting."

Picnic Meeting Report by Bob E.

Click on the group and see more fine photos by Bob Earl.
     The July *business* meeting was a hit.  Folks clearly like the idea of a picnic as not only was the turnout huge, we saw a number of folks we haven't seen in awhile. The park was littered with a variety of cars from Alfas to Porsches, with a bunch of LBCs scattered amongst them.   We'll have to do this again—assuming we can get the weather to cooperate.
     Under the warm sun, cooled by a gentle breeze, and lulled by the lapping of the waves on the shore (yes it really truly was that nice), Gary took the floor—er, gazebo.
  • We welcomed Steve from the Antique Auto Club who invited us to the 'Freddy Beach Show'n Shine in September at the Exhibition Grounds.   More information will appear here as the date approaches. 
  • The next meeting (August 16) will be at Rita & Bob's place on Grand Lake. All are asked to bring salads or appetizers.  The date will be announced. 
  • The Stanley Fair is the weekend of the 18th.  This is always a great event for us and all are urged to attend. 
  • The Canada Day parade in Stanley was a hit with all who participated.
     Other points:
     Once the official business was dispensed with we oohed and ahed at Terry's new knee and promised to help Kelvin with unloading the Land Rover from the trailer.  There's lots of potential for injury with this one so keep 911 close on your phones.
     There were plenty of stories from the Windsor car show this past weekend. It keeps getting better and better.
    Bob E.

An Impressive Drive

How’s this for a road trip?  Bangkok to Abingdon!
- Phil

Here's one of the blogs with lots of photos:
- David

Bob E. reflects on the wonderful weekend at Windsor

        Thankfully, the predicted rain never happened, and Saturday in Windsor turned into a gorgeous day under the trees amidst over a hundred examples of Great Britain's finest.  Fredericton's finest basked in the shadow of a pink (yes, pink) Land Rover; T&Gs in hand. 
      Once again, Windsor was a rousing event and provided an opportunity to meet up with old friends and make new ones.  Ernst even met up with a car he'd restored decades ago, and the still appreciative owner.  Joe met a fellow pilot who expressed great interest in buying his airplane.
     Backing up a couple of days, three couples braved dinner at the world famous Suwanna restaurant in Saint John on Thursday evening and got even braver on Friday morning as we caught the early morning ferry to Digby.   Still full from the previous evenings meal, we nevertheless stopped for lunch at the Crow's Nest just outside Digby, for fresh scallops and mounds of fries.  Even the small chowder was too much most most folks. If you visit, don't say we didn't warn you.
      Once we all regrouped on Saturday morning, the tales flew as each group filled the other one in on their respective journeys.  The gang taking the long way 'round seemed to have had the most 'fun' in that they had to replace a wheel bearing en route.  The Land Rover required frequent inspections of it's moorings and no one will admit to Phil's forehead tattoo.
      As is usual on these outings, a new FABAC tradition was born.  G&T is now the official FABAC drink and there was even talk about distilling our own custom gin.
      Your reporter missed the Saturday evening dinner and Sunday morning events, and invites others to add to this report.
     Bob E.

What a great weekend! Reflections by Kelvin

     A great collection of FABAC members made it to Windsor at the weekend. The weather was perfect, no rain, and we all had a wonderful time. Thanks to stellar work from the FABAC traveling work team saw the Landy there safe and sound in all her glory. A total wreck amid all the glorious shiny cars meant she was, at times, the centre of attention—people taking her photo or just passing comment on her condition, but all agreed it was a hoot to see.
     A great weekend marred only by Phil's nasty fall over Ernst's legs sticking out from under a stricken GT6, and cold coffee and sausage bun on Saturday breakfast. Everything else was perfect !
Click on Ole Pretty in Pink for lots more photos by Bob E.

Next FABAC Meeting Wednesday July 19th

At tour last meeting it was suggested we have a picnic meeting. After considerable discussion, we put it to an email poll. The results are clear— Carleton Park will be the place. Usual time is around 5:00 or so. See you there.

The polling results are:
Carleton Park (Northside Fredericton) 50%
York Centennial Park Mactaquac 36%
Riverside Restaurant/Convention Centre 14%

On my walk around the block...

...I spotted these two British vehicles and knew immediately to whom they belonged. Mark Jones and his wife, now living in Ontario, are hoping to make it to Windsor, so if you see them there, introduce yourself. Mark used to drive an MGB-GT and attended several of the PEI British car shows. BTW, they now have two MG-Fs and the Land Rover! 
- David

Request for help

Are there any FABCTRS&PC members who are available sometime this Wednesday to help load the Landy onto the trailer? It requires some manpower and perhaps some innovative ideas to get her loaded for Windsor.
Loading on Wednesday then gives me Thursday to pack up the rest of the stuff  ie canopy, seats, cooler, stove, gas bottles and of course the gin and tonic so we can leave early Friday morning.
Thanks a lot,

British Motoring Festival

Hi Folks

 Hard to believe that Windsor is coming up so quickly- next week. If you plan on taking the Ferry and wish to join us at Suwana restaurant for a delicious Asian meal, Thursday, July 13 at 6:30. please let me know- 367-2443 or Heinlein@unb.ca or post here. I’ll take care of reservations. Thanks.