Morgans love louvres.

While washing my 1968 +4 Super Sport Morgan, I admired the wonderful louvre work on the top and sides of the bonnet and along the scoop for the Weber carbs. I also admired the paint job that looks so good after eighteen years. Even the old painted wheels look good with new tires and a little spritz of gloss aluminum paint.


Here's your chance to be part of Kelvin's 'Landy' project.

Bob is coming over on Thursday morning to do some more disassembly and perhaps some actual re assembly if anyone cares to join us. Lunch will be provided.  
- Kelvin

Great Race Update

I just want to bring up the matter of the Great Race again.  They will arrive in Rothesay for lunch on Friday June 29th after driving from Bar Harbor, Maine.  They will overnight in Moncton, then on to Truro and Halifax.  Unfortunately, we will be in Newfoundland and will miss this wonderful opportunity to see some great cars.


Pat is parting with his '69 MGB

Click on picture to enlarge.
Hi FABAC members,
      Some of you may have heard that while I was in Florida in March, I fell and broke my hip and required hip replacement surgery at a hospital in Zephyrhills.  Although not completely recovered at this time, I'm gaining strength in my right leg but expect it will be difficult to get into and out of my '69 MGB roadster. This being the case I'm considering selling or trading it for something more suitable. It is appraised and insured for $23,500 and at the present time is at York Auto, off Bishop Drive.
Hope to join you guys later.
--- Pat Peterson

Add this one to your calendars!

A drive to Rick and Terry's place, near Woodstock.

Date: June 26, 2018 (with backup rain dates of June 27 or 29)

Meet: we will meet everyone at the Riverside Resort and Conference Centre at Mactaquac (French Village) at 1030h

Drive: along Route 102 past Kingsclear, to Nackawic - out onto the TCH four lane for a couple of miles, and then back onto Route 102 through Meductic to Woodstock - cross the Grafton Bridge and north onto Route 105 to our place

Food: we will supply hamburgers, buns, and condiments - participants bring salads or desserts to share, and bring their own refreshments (we will have coffee, tea, water).  If anybody would like to BBQ something instead of a hamburger, please feel free to bring it along, there will be lots of BBQ space and time.

The drive will take approximately one and a half hours (a little over 100 km). 

Return drive to Fredericton could take the same route, or could travel through Millville, or could travel down the TCH four lane.  Route 105 from Woodstock to Nackawic is not recommended for any vehicle that a person cares about - very rough!
 I think that this plan has the three main components for a successful outing: drive, meet, eat.

 - Terry and Rick (425-0618)

More goings-on at Kelvin's

Click on happy Kelvin for more photos of work-in-progress
       Lunch this week consisted of ground rust and paint chips cradling a selection of cut-off bolts-n-nuts.  This was sauteed in a mixture of ATF* and acetone, and washed down with fifteen year old stale gasoline.  And yes, it tasted like excrement.   I hope it's better next week.
       The goal was to remove the seat box (and it's integral fuel tank) and rear cargo box. Both jobs looked like they where going to be easy-peasy but proved to be anything but. Confirming the truism that the perversity in the universe tends towards a maximum, all easy to access fasteners came out almost laughably easy.  The ones that were buried or recessed were all solidly rusted in lace.  Many of the bolt or nut faces were already rusted to an ungrippable round shape compounding the problem.  We couldn't even reach them with a small grinder and the only tool Kelvin doesn't own, a die grinder with a metal burr tip, would have been perfect here,
       This forced us to bang, hammer, drill, bash, curse, threaten and eventually chisel off a few of the worst offenders.  We both came away with serious bruises on our hands.   Jennie (Kelvin's puppy) helped out by washing the rust flakes off my face as I lay on the ground.
       A further problem came to light when we discovered that the floor area was covered with layers of metal sheeting pop riveted to rusty bits and cemented in place with tar that had hardened over the decades.  The finger-numbing task of chiseling it off was made significantly faster and easier with the introduction of a strange vibrating gizmo from Kelvin's tool repertoire.  Despite my initial misgivings, it worked great.
       Eventually the cursed seat box was triumphantly lifted away and we broke for lunch (finally!).
       Returning to the garage we tackled the cargo box.  It was much easier to access the fasteners but we were hampered by a slower work pace caused by warm-lunch-belly-syndrome (WLBS). As the afternoon wore on we finally dropped out tools and decided that we'd made enough progress for the day. The cargo box still stubbornly attached, awaits another day to reveal its secrets.

Bob E (nursing several mashed fingers)

* Automatic Transmission Fluid

              FREE Gourmet Lunch!!!

     That's right FABACians, Our very own Kelvin Perry is offering free gourmet lunches at his place.  It's best to arrive early as seating is limited.  While you're waiting you might want to don coveralls, grab a wrench and remove an item or five from Kelvin's Land Rover in the garage.   The latest lunch resulted in the removal of the roof (along with several kilos of rodent droppings), side glass (why do they make this so difficult?), and the side panels (Wow! that was easy!).
    Come early and bring your appetite—and your own flashlight.
    Bob E.

E-Type and the newlyweds

For any royal watchers out there, here’s a link to an article about the E-Type that Harry and Megan drove from Windsor Castle after the wedding reception.

The car is not quite what I assumed that it was!


Just British Online Car Magazine

I came across this series of YouTube videos in the latest issue of the Just British Online Motoring Magazine, Britain’s Greatest Machines with Chris Barrie.  Here’s a link to the first video. For anyone who might be interested.

Here’s the description from the online magazine:

The series is Britain’s Greatest Machines hosted by Chris Barrie and produced by The National Geographic Channel. The series, of which there were two seasons for a total of eight episodes, shows the technological progress of the 19th and 20th centuries from a British point of view. Each episode covers one decade.
The episode I am choosing for this week’s feature is the first – Season 1, Episode 1, and showcases the 1930s. Note that the episodes do not go in order. This technological achievements highlighted in this first episode include the De Havilland Dragon Rapide, Sentinel S6 Steam Wagon, Morris Eight & Cat’s Eye, LNER Class A4 Locomotive, Cruiser Mk III & Crusader Tanks, Supermarine S.6B and Supermarine Spitfire. Yes, only a couple of these are strictly automotive related, but they are all interesting.
Other episodes in the series cover such British automotive gems as the Land Rover, the AEC Routemaster bus, the Mini Cooper, the Morgan Runabout, and many more. It is a series certainly worth taking a look at. You can find all of the episodes on YouTube.


Report on May 16th Meeting

Gary, fresh from his recent vacation, held a brief business meeting.
  • Kelvin was soundly thanked for the St Georges day party at his place.  As he wasn't in attendance, we took the opportunity to poke fun at him. 
  • Gary mentioned the upcoming British field meet in Windsor, Nova Scotia this July from the 13th to the 15th.  All are encouraged to attend. 
  • Larry sent notes reminding us about the Stanley Fair on August 18th.  We also talked about him behind his back. 
  • We thanked Bruce for the run to the Loch Pub in Harvey.  Since Bruce was there, we couldn't  talk dirty about him. 
  • David & Carolyn showed up, direct from Montreal, whereupon we had to stop talking about them. 
  • Dwight proposed a weekday run to Minister's Island.  There was concern about the condition of the road and Johanna volunteered to do a recce and report back. 
  • Terry & Rick offered to put on a run to Woodstock the last week of June.  As there isn't much in the way of restaurants there, they suggested a pot luck. 
  • Shirley Ann brought John's greetings from his new residence.  We sent her back with all our best wishes and instructions for her to bring his much appreciated quizzes to the meetings via proxy if he can't attend in person. 
  • The next meeting will be at the Delta (on the patio) on the 20th of June. 
Bob E.