Hey! There are a few seats left for the Turkey Dinner!!

Call/Email Gary now!
 (454-4546) (gararsenault@gmail.com)

A neat trick.

Sometimes a piece of foam is too big to get into where you want to put it. This example is the replacement foam for the headrest on Carolyn's TR6. The results are dramatic.
Let me know if you want to try this some day. (No, I don't do liposuction work.)

The Turkey meal at Carter House is NEXT SUNDAY!

Just in case you were still considering joining us for this great home cooked meal, don't wait! The weather looks good so far. Regardless, it has always been a special event. Call or email Gary as soon as you can. 

 (454-4546) (gararsenault@gmail.com)

Freddy Beach Sept 23, 2017

Click on this beauty for more.

      It's hard to believe that the end on September is giving us blue skies in the high 20s. What better than to have a car show?!   Freddy's best hot rods, antiques, customs with a few oddballs mixed in, showed up at the exhibition grounds on Saturday to air out before the fall, and show off a bit.  Several FABACians visited to drool over the cars with 2CV Bob being the only one to display his car.  Kelvin and I had met up earlier and over the next while crossed paths with Stephen W. and Terry & Karen.
      I was able to reacquaint myself with Andy MacNeil, formerly of World Class Auto, now at his own Garage in Taymouth, Macneilsautohous.com (his website).  He knows old cars and offers a full service.  
      I also (finally!) met the famous Jerry Wilcox.  I'd followed a nice Jaguar XJS into the lot (drooling—me, not the car) and as we chatted I realized I'd heard these same stories from Joe.  It seems he's willing to part with the XJS for something under 10 Gs.   If I only had a bigger garage.
      While hanging around in a hot parking lot all day isn't exactly thrilling, I feel that this is a good opportunity to advertise the club and will lobby for a bigger showing next year.
- Bob E (Counting his pennies and measuring garage space.)


    Here's an interesting article about E-Types from Peter Egan.  He always waxes poetic
(and a bit nostalgic) when talking about them which makes for a great read.
- Bob E.

FABAC informal Breakfast starting up again

I’ve booked dates for the FABAC Breakfasts again at the Coffee Mill beginning at 9:00 AM through mid November.  The dates are October 3rd, October 17th, October 31st and November 14th. 
- Phil

FABAC Carter House Turkey lunch October 1st

 That's SOON!!! First 30 limit. Sign up now!

 The fabulously popular tour to the Kingston Peninsula, organized by John B., featuring a home-cooked turkey lunch with all the trimmings at the village’s historic 1810 Carter House is on again this year!

The rain-or-shine tour starts at the Ramada Inn, Fredericton, at 11:15 a.m, Sunday, October 1. Prepared by the volunteers at The Carter House, the lunch cost is $20 (in cash only please). Numbers are limited to the first 30 reservations made by calling or emailing Gary (454-4546) (gararsenault@gmail.com)  by the deadline, noon Monday Sept 25. Reservations made are a commitment to attend or pay in lieu.

Lunch will be shortly after 1:00.
British cars optional. Especially if it is raining!!!

The 1810 Carter House Tea Room and Gift Shop operates during July and August to serve tea and lunch from Tuesday and Saturday. The turkey lunch for FABAC members is a one-off by special arrangement. The Carter House is one of five heritage properties within the Kingston Historic District. The others are the Trinity Anglican Church dated 1789, its rectory dated 1788, the Union House also of 1788, and the Macdonald Consolidated School built in 1910.

We hope our Saint John friends will respond and join us.

(By the way, if you didn't get an email on the same topic, your info may not be up to date.)

Notes from September Meeting

   Under unusually balmy skies, we met at the MOCO restaurant at Mactaquac.  The drive was particularly enjoyable since much of the road had been recently repaved.   The start of the evening saw us languishing on the balcony enjoying the great view as folks trickled—then flooded in.
   Once inside, Gary took the floor.
  • Anne Crumley was thanked for organizing the dinner.  They had kept it open just for us—a gesture we appreciated. 
  • Rita & Bob were thanked (again) for the outing at their cottage. 
  • Gary gave a report on the visit to Saint John for the tall ships. 
  • While heavy rain caused the Stanley Fair visit to be cancelled, Sandra & Larry were thanked for their work in organizing it. 
  • Phil's work in organizing the bi-weekly breakfasts was recognized.  While there's normally a smallish turnout, it's always with different folks, demonstrating its popularity. 
  • John Dewitt's last minute run to the Sussex Balloon Fest was quite well attended and all participants enjoyed it. This is an event we used to attend in great numbers, perhaps it's time to put more emphasis on it. 
  • Elva & Al threw together an ice cream run recently that was a big hit. 
  • Kelvin had a quick report on the Jemseg car show. 
Upcoming Events.... 
  • This Saturday (23rd Sept) will see a large car show called 'Freddy Beach' at the Exhibition centre grounds. There wasn't much enthusiasm for it but a few of us will be attending as spectators. 
  • John B. is leading the charge...again, to the Carter house for a thanksgiving dinner on Oct 1st.  This is always a popular event and coincides with our gorgeous fall colours.  See the post on the site. 
  • There will be the annual run to Adolf's Gasthous near Sussex for Octoberfest.  This is tentatively scheduled for the 29th of Oct and will be the last official LBC run before winter.  I hope to be joined by the Moncton crowd.
  John's quiz featured a handicap of 4 points to anyone who had previously won it.  Many questions were of a general nature allowing non-car folks to take a stab at it.  After a fierce battle, the trophy was taken home by David N.

**The next meeting will be a Sam Snead's on the 18th of Oct.**

- Bob E.

Here's the one that got away

I was in Ontario in late August for my nephew’s wedding and my ex-sister in law brought this out to bug me.  I tried to buy it from her about 11 years ago.  She would not sell so I got my 74 B instead.
It is a 1956 MGA that has never been restored.  Painted once, still original and she still drives it regularly.

Regards,  Tim

FABAC Meeting coming up Sept 20

UPDATE: They are keeping open for us.

Where: MOCO Kitchen at the Mactaquac Park Lodge

When: September 20, 5:30 or so

Why: Why not?  Food!

Who: Everyone