Tuesday FABAC Informal Breakfasts

We had a very good turnout for breakfast on Tuesday (12) although some weeks it has been as low as five.  I’ve booked us at the Coffee Mill again for the following dates, with a break over Christmas and New Year.
November 28th
December 12th
January 9th
January 23rd
February 6th
February 20th


Report on FABAC November Meeting

       Attendees of the November FABAC dinner/meeting were greeted by the long lost couple, Lise and Alex.  It's been a while and we were all happy to see them again. We almost sang Happy birthday in recognition of his recent birthday (89! Wow!) They were sternly admonished by all for their long absence, and they promised not to be strangers—weather permitting.
  • As a few folks dug into the buffet, Gary opened with a short recap of the Oktoberfest run.  It was well attended by both groups, and for once the weather cooperated. 
  • The upcoming Christmas party  (Dec 13th @ McGinnis Landing) will feature a yankee swap and a charity collection. 
  • John introduced his brother Keith, here visiting from the UK.  
  • There will be a rally from Buffalo N.Y. to Halifax next year.  It's a Hemmings sponsored event and will pass through here sometime in July.  As more information becomes available we hope to perhaps plan a concurrent event in conjunction with their overnight stop. 
  • John Dewitt proposed a run on the Cabot trail sometime in the spring.
       John's quiz proved much more difficult this month with many questions drawing a lot of quizzical faces.  Tim won the contest with John Dewitt coming in second.
 - Bob E.

A few MGB parts for sale

These items were removed from the MGB Roadster v6 conversion that I salvaged, named Kermit by Francis.

Anti-Tramp Bars for MGB.  $150.00 or reasonable offer.  Moss carry a set of non-adjustable bars for US$370.00.  These are adjustable and come with all parts needed for installation.  Call me at 474-0102.
Click on any photo for larger version.
Tube shock conversion hardware for MGB.  New shocks are needed.  Much cheaper than replacing or rebuilding your lever arm shocks. The Moss kit (UD$240.00 including shocks) use Monroe Sensi-Trac shocks which are available locally.  $75.00 or reasonable offer.  Call me at 474-0102.

Leather covered steering wheel with hub and MG centre button, removed from a 1971 MGB.  I believe it is made by Nardi.  Leather is in fair condition.  Offers?  Call me at 474-0102.


Attention! New NB law requires headlights. 

A new law comes into effect November 1st " all vehicles operated on New Brunswick roads must display daytime running lights. If a vehicle is not equipped with daytime running lights or they are inoperable, then headlights must be turned on at all times."

A violation will result in a fine of $172.50 and the loss of 2 demerit points.

Thanks to Kelvin for passing along this important information. 

Oktoberfest Report by Bob E.

Click on Jenny for more photos.
      For the first time in recent memory, we didn't get rained on going to Adolph's Gasthaus in Knightsville for the Oktoberfest run.  It was downright balmy as the afternoon progressed and the folks with their tops down enjoyed a grand day of driving.  We made great time through great scenery on almost-great roads to the restaurant.  Just as our large group settled in, another large pile of Monctonians swooped in to take the rest of our reserved seating. We must have had over 35 people, making for a record breaking outing.
      As always, it was a terrific time to renew old friendships and poke fun.  Ovide from the Moncton group presented us with some t-shirts which will be doled out as additional prizes for John's quizzes.
      Once finished with coffee and sweets, we wandered around outside in the warm fall weather to take a group shot (a better version with annotation and graphics will appear in the next few days) and get fingerprints on other people's cars.
     Thanks to all who partook and of course, to the enthusiastic Moncton crowd.
    Bob E.

OktoberFest Run Sunday Oct. 29th

We'll be meeting up with the gang from Moncton's Foreign Auto Club for general tomfoolery.

Gasthoff Old Bavarian Restaurant
1130 Knightville Road
Menu here.
Payment Cash or Cheque

      Gather at Ramada Inn parking lot (north side) on Sunday, Oct 29th at 11:30 noon, rain or ...it's gonna rain of course so there's no contingency plan for sunshine.

The route:
  • Depart the parking lot at 11:45 sharp along the scenic 105.  
  • a short detour along the boring Trans Canada to avoid the partially demolished bridge. 
  • regain the 105 after Jemseg and turn left onto the 695 heading towards Cambridge Narrows. 
  • after Crossing the bridge at Cambridge Narrows we turn left onto the lovely and relaxing 710. 
  • the 710 makes a right turn somewhere after someplace named 'Cody's'. 
  • join up with the straight and boring (but thankfully short) highway 10, 
  • just before Sussex, turn left onto Roachville Rd.  I don't remember if there's much of a sign there but if we/you miss it, you/we can pick it  up soon after at the interchange. 
  • follow Roachville Rd a while until you see the right hand turn onto Knightville Rd....which is on the right. 
  • at some point the restaurant will appear on the right.

     Maps or GPSs are well advised.  I sometimes get lost and lead folks astray, please be aware of this. We hope to get there around 2:00. And no, John, there won't be any alternate routes this year, unless you take one on your own.
- Bob E.

Nova Scotia Barn Sale

Click on this beauty for lots more.
     With a month's pension in large bills (don't tell SWMBO) stretching my wallet, and a stack of flashlights and work gloves straining the zipper of my old work bag, I joined Joe, Dwight and Jerry on the road to Amherst to visit a much anticipated barn sale of cars and parts.   The list was as extensive as it was eclectic, and I'd been wooed by a promise of "Boxes of new E-Type parts!"   With visions of new-in-the-box sets of triple SU's or 3:07 differentials, I watched impatiently for the turn off.
    Clearly, many others had been attracted, as cars were already lining the farm road along a pastoral stretch of rural Nova Scotia.  A lovely old farm house sat guard over several barns clearly bursting at the seams with LBC detritus spilling out onto the field behind.  Grabbing flashlights we dove in.
    The large barn almost moaned under the weight of a generation of car(?) stuff with even some of the larger beams sagging noticeably. Folks were digging in and gingerly prying open bonnets and boots to inspect.  The upper floors had been placed off limits due to a fear of collapsing them with the additional weight of the curious.  Out back resided a small fleet of wrecked-rusty-rotten- -disheveled stuff and cars, with much of it unidentifiable. 
    The smaller barn had been recently in use and was better organized—but only a little, as it too was stuffed with tools, parts and a hundred plus years of automotive history.  Everything from signs to gas pumps was under cover and was being eagerly pawed over by the best from FABAC, BATANS and the PEI folks.  Unfortunately there was little organization to the collection making it impossible to locate anything systematically.   The E-Type parts had been collected in the porch but amounted to only a small pile of items that I either didn't need or were for a model I didn't own.  Somewhere in the mess we bumped into Kelvin who had arrived (with Jennie of course) separately.
     Despite a concerted search, Dwight failed to find his desired left handed flibble-flabble, and Jerry lost out on a great deal on an MGB hardtop when he started his hunt on the wrong end of the barn.   Joe did a little better with a small armload of ancient license plates. My wad was safe as I dispensed a measly ten bucks for a bag of wiring harness 'bullets'.
    Despite our disappointment, it was an awesome collection to pick through, a great opportunity to catch up with some LBC budds from around the maritimes—and an excellent warning of what could happen if we ever let our hobby get out of hand.
- Bob E.

FABAC October Meeting Report

     We're on a roll folks!  For the second meeting in a row we had new members.  Terry & Rick Harcombe, formerly of the Great Canadian Oil Patch have settled into Woodstock with a collection of British and American cars.  Noting Rick's interest in restoring his Land Rover, he was immediately thrown at Kelvin.
  • Johanna was thanked In absentia, for arranging tonight's dinner venue.
  • John & Shirley Ann where thanked for the sixth (or seventh?) year of the great Thanksgiving run to the Carter Tea house.
  • The Christmas party was discussed, voted on, then booked all in the space of five minutes.  It will be held again at McGinnis Landing on the 13th of December. Details will follow.
  • The Moncton club invited us to visit the Hampton Middle School on Oct 27th. Anyone interested can contact Gary for details.
  • Ernst brought an entire running car for show and tell.  The newly re-restored Marcos was paraded in the parking lot for all to ooh and aah at.
  • The November meeting will be held at the Fredericton Motor Inn on the 15th.
  • John announced, somewhat relieved, yet saddened that his cherished 'B' had found a new home in Peterborough.  He followed this with his signature quiz.
   Bob E.

A request was made for this address:

Ellie Bleakney
8 Country Lane
Island View, NB
E3E 1A2

It was a BEAUTIFUL day for a drive today—BUT...

Safe and sound.
I must tell you about a near catastrophe (some call that a "cat's ass trophy").

Anyway, I was on my way into town mid-afternoon when an oncoming truck with a load of something lost, into the air, what looked like a piece of cardboard about two feet square. It swirled in the air and landed vertically in the middle of the road on one corner. When it landed it appeared to act more solid than cardboard as it bounced into the air and slicing directly into my path. It was metal!!! I immediately pulled sharply to the right to avoid it hitting me as it was clear that it was coming my way and intent on eviscerating me. It landed RIGHT where I would have been had I not swerved. I didn't wet my pants but I bet the driver of the SUV behind me, who MUST have witnessed the whole thing, may have.
Keep alert out there!
- David