Ralph H. gives this update:

So here is an interesting turn of events that led to the mower going t..s up.
Despite a full tear-down and many repairs over the winter the float in the carb must have stuck open. this led to a flooded air intake that was then sucked into the cylinder on first quarter turn that then locked the starter from turning any further as it could not compress the liquid. I think it is called hydro-lock???? The penny dropped when I saw the carb dripping gas from the overflowing bowl so I pulled the dripping wet plug cranked it over and blew out the gas reinstalled the spark plug and it fired on first turn of the key.

Wanted: Gas cap for a Mini

I did the classic put gas in, drive away with the cap on the roof drip rail in my Mini. They are generic, I think an MGB one would fit.

Driveway Cars & (no) Coffee

I’m going to have to follow Ralph’s lead and send a “No Coffee, Not-In-Driveway Entry” as well.  I got the Little Blue Car out of hibernation about three weeks ago and did a few little things in anticipation of a drive.  One issue I noted for attention later was a very noisy fuel pump.  Two weeks ago I dusted Little Blue off and struck out for a short road trip.  I was back home about an hour and a half later compliments of CAA.  I think I now have the two issues causing the grief fixed but haven’t been able to do a road test yet.

The two issues causing the problem?  The electric inline fuel pump and the fuel pressure regulator in the EFI throttle body.  Those parts, along with my coffee cup are pictured on top of the remote air filter cover.  What’s in the cup?  Gasoline!  J

PS: The pressure regulator is a Bosch part originally in a VW Golf.  Another part to add to the already eclectic mix of Mustang, Ford Ranger, Corvette, Cadillac, Kubota, Fiero, Camaro, Buick, Nissan, and Rover parts that make up Little Blue.

Real breakfast vs Virtual breakfast

       The province is about give us (not just us, everybody else too) their blessing to assemble in groups of up to 50 as long as we keep our distance from each other.   With summer running at full throttle, I propose that we take the Tuesday morning breakfasts offline and into the real world.  Let's each grab a breakfast anything and coffee/tea at a drive-thru and meet at Odell Park for 9:30AM on Tuesday June 2nd.  Bring your own lawn chair.   There's plenty of parking and we can assemble near the cars on the lawn. 
    Bob E.

(Current weather forecast is for rain that Tuesday, so keep an eye open here for updates.)
May 28 update: weather looks better but cool

May 28 4:30 update: Well, it looks like we have to wait another week before gatherings of more than ten are allowed. Interesting to see that the actions of one person has prevented a whole province from moving forward. So, it's back to a Virtual Chat on Tuesday June 2nd. 

Other activities that will be put on hold until next Friday include:
  • Outdoor public gatherings of 50 people or fewer.
  • Indoor religious services, including weddings and funerals, of 50 people or fewer.
  • Low-contact team sports.
  • Swimming pools, saunas and waterparks
  • Yoga and dance studios
  • Rinks and indoor recreational facilities
  • Pool halls and bowling alleys
-  WebMaster)

More grief within our club

I ran into Gary Hetherington at the Co-Op today and was shocked to learn that his partner of several years, Jane Hallett, had recently passed away after a brief battle with cancer. Words cannot describe my sorrow at hearing that news.

Jane's obituary can be found here.

45 minute Webinar this Wednesday: Intermeccanica

Dear Car Enthusiast Friends,
We hope you and your loved ones are continuing to take care during this time.
Hagerty’s own esteemed concours judge and Global Brand Ambassador, Nigel Matthews, invites you to an online presentation of the automobile manufacturer Intermeccanica.  Founded in Torino, Italy, in 1959 by Frank Reisner, Intermeccanica is still in business today located in New Westminster, British Columbia.  Nigel will take you on a tour of the company’s beginning and what they are building today, some 61 years later. 
Details of the online presentation:
Duration: 45min

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
For increased security a password will be required.  The password is:  023600 (it will also be contained in the confirmation email you receive after registering)

A little housekeeping note for the enjoyment of all participants: Please mute yourself once you join the presentation.  Also, your video can be turned off if you choose.

Please feel free to share this invite with club members and other car enthusiasts.

We are looking forward to having you join us!

Ralph’s No Coffee, not-In-driveway’ entry

Well I don’t drink coffee and it looks like I don’t get to drive cars either. The lawn tractor is up on the lift with hopefully non-terminal starting issues. And this after it was torn down over the winter. What did I miss?

Ralph Holyoke