Update for making Gaspé bookings

When booking a room at the Quality Inns please call this phone number 1 800 247-7045 and use the ID number:
Matane Qc=DT48R8
Campbellton =NS61D1
- John D.

Obituary of Sandy Bentley

All of you who met Sandy at the wonderful PEI events at the Bentley's home will be sadden to hear of her passing.


Trip in August 2019

This is what I have to date regarding the trip to Gaspé in August 2019.
Day 1 August 16/19
Day Quality Inn 
 1550, av du Phare ouest,
 MataneQCG4W 3M6, CA
 1-418- 562- 6433
 On line booking at Choice Hotel.com
Phone: phone number 1 800 247-7045
I have booked 10 rooms with double beds $115.20 +tax and 10 rooms with Queen size beds $119.20 +  tax
Group # DT48R8

Day 2 August 17/19
Below is a list of hotels with in a 30 km from Perce provided by Britta Roberts.
I tried to book 20 rooms with double beds. I was informed by Ms. Roberts the hotels are not big enough to accommodate large groups. We could try booking individually using this ID # 4843599 and receive a group rate. Here is her contact information.
Britta Roberts | Vice President of International Sales
Ph: 1-888-316-5686 x190 | Main: 1-888-316-5686
groups.expedia.com |<britta.roberts@hotelplanner.com

List of Hotels:
Fleur de Lys Hotel-Motel
247 Route 132, Perce, PQ GOC 2L0
Hotel la Normandie
221 Route 132 W, Perce, PQ G0C 2L0
Hotel Manoir Perce
212 Route 132, Perce, PQ G0C 2L0
Gite du Cap Blanc
442, Road 132 West, Perce, PQ G0C 2L0
Riotel Percé
261 Route 132, Perce, 

The other option is. 
The Hôtel la Côte Surprise has 20 rooms with 
double beds $175.+ tax
Contact  Person :
Melissa Bissonnette
Hôtel la Côte Surprise
367 Route 132 ouest
Percé, Québec

Day 3 August 18/19 
Quality Inn
Campbellton NB
157 Water Street 
On line booking at Choice Hotel.com
20 rooms booked  double beds $103.20 + tax
 Group# SN61D1 (changed Nov. 14)
The cut off date would be May  31/19
I will be at the November 21 meeting, where we can discuss
the trip. If anyone wishes to contact me, Here is my Email address

Thank you,

FABAC Meeting/Eating November 21st

I have booked Sam Snead’s for the November meeting for 24 people. We have the upstairs room and have been asked to please not arrive before 5:30 as they will be clearing up from a previous booking.
- Johanna

Report on Oktoberfest Run 2018

      We can't blame it on the weather since it almost always rains for our end of season Oktoberfest outing.  For whatever reason, only three BDDs showed up at the rendezvous. We made the best of it and headed off into the cold rain.  While we had the back roads to ourselves, we couldn't enjoy the scenery due to the heavy fog, rain on the outsides of the windows, and condensation on the insides.
      At the restaurant, a few passengers bolted from their cars complaining that the lead car hadn't made any pit stops.  We met up with the folks from Moncton who for once, out numbered us.   It was nice to have the company of some younger folks which they had brought along who are being initiated into the hobby.  The smaller section of the Gasthaus had been reserved and we just filled it.  Dinner was, as usual, excellent and we all took home doggy/kitty bags.  
      The return drive was interesting in that while we all took separate routes, we seemed to cross paths a few times on the way home.
 -  Bob (with the BIG bladder) E.

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Hampton School Show report

Click on the picture to see more great photos.
      It was cold and windy but the roads were clear and the sky was a crispy blue—a perfect day for an outing.   Traveling with Joe in his Vanagon was interesting.  It's not fast by any means and because there's no possibility of serious speed, one can forget about being quick and just sit back and enjoy the ride and scenery.
      We had a light lunch in a nice small eatery in the town (village?) of Hampton before heading over to Hampton Middle School.  The show had drawn 60 or so cars from the area including a sizable contingent from the Corvette club.  The hit of the day was the enthusiasm of the kids. They took a shine to Joe's van as they could crawl around in it and explore (how many 10 year olds can fit in a van?).  Another VW camper showed up and the two became the hit of the show.
       The wind soon subsided and it became comfortably warm.  The school provided free coffee and a bake sale inside.
       I found it to be an enjoyable day and hope to make this a regular outing for the club.  The restaurant provides an all important pit stop for us, Hampton is a nice little town, and it's worthwhile to chat with the kids and hopefully pass on some enthusiasm for the hobby.
   Bob E.

Parts needed

I am in need of two good rims for a TR6 and also, I am in need of a hood (bonnet) for a 1970 MGB. I understand that any year hood will fit.??

If someone has some or all of these parts, I can be contacted as follows:
chrisdaigle@rogers.com or, phone (506)849-8005

OktoberFest Run Sunday Oct. 28th

Gasthoff Old Bavarian Restaurant
1130 Knightville Road
Menu here.
Payment Cash or Cheque

      Gather at Ramada Inn parking lot (north side) on Sunday, Oct 28th at 11:30 noon, rain or ...it's gonna rain of course so there's no contingency plan for sunshine.

The route:
  • Depart the parking lot at 11:45 sharp along the scenic 105. 
  • a short detour along the boring Trans Canada to avoid the partially demolished bridge.
  • regain the 105 after Jemseg and turn left onto the 695 heading towards Cambridge Narrows.
  • after Crossing the bridge at Cambridge Narrows we turn left onto the lovely and relaxing 710.
  • the 710 makes a right turn somewhere after someplace named 'Cody's'.
  • join up with the straight and boring (but thankfully short) highway 10,
  • just before Sussex, turn left onto Roachville Rd.  I don't remember if there's much of a sign there but if we/you miss it, you/we can pick it up soon after at the interchange.
  • follow Roachville Rd a while until you see the right hand turn onto Knightville Rd....which is on the right.
  • at some point the restaurant will appear on the right.
     Maps or GPSs are well advised.  I no longer get lost and lead folks astray, but we may become separated. We hope to get there around 2:00.    I've been trying to get in contact with the Moncton gang but they seem to be AWOL this year.  Stay tuned.
- Bob E.

Ever see this?!!!

I bet you have never seen this.  It was in the engine for a year. The owner knows this because every so often the engine would run rough and then it would be fine.  He finally took it apart when it didn’t get better and there was no compression in this cylinder, finding the rocker arm broken and then the rest of the problem.  Also, there was no damage to the top side of the valve just some witness marks on the valve seat both in the head and on the valve itself.  It’s a 3/8 bolt, it’s an extra, none missing from the engine.
(Story passed along by Dan and Bob)

Hampton Middle School Car Show

I got this note from Dan Foote in Hampton about their car show this Friday.  I have attended in the past and have enjoyed it.  The weather that day looks promising but cool. I may attend but can’t commit this early as we’re getting ready to head south. Perhaps if anyone is interested in going, they could note it on the FABAC site.



Hi Phil - Just wondering if you could pass this invite along to all the members of the FABAC and to anyone else who would like to join in the fun. This is a huge car show and the kids and families love it! If you could let me know how many members would be coming it would be great!

A Friendly reminder - we will be having our 5th annual car show and fall fair with some great prizes to be won. This will be an awesome car show for the students and families of Hampton Middle School on October 26 from 12:30 - 2:30 located at 11 School Street Hampton, NB. We would like to have as many members that are able to, attend this car show.