Sadness to report the passing of Sherry Alders

Most FABACians remember Sherry in her healthy days, participating regularly in FABAC dinners and tours. Our families met when the Alders daughters and our daughter were very involved in horseback riding at Silverwood Arabians. More recently, I enjoyed seeing and chatting with Sherry several times on a regular basis when providing music entertainment at York Care Centre. I will miss her.

Sherry's obituary can be found here.

- David N.

Sherry is in the second row in blue. (Click on photo for a larger version.)

A correction

Well at least one LBC made the run to the gasthof yesterday. It was a glorious run up through the back roads from Saint John lots of fall colour still. MGA was spectacular all the way. All that annoying excess Heat that was shed into the cabin all summer became a blessing with a bit of a chill to the air.


Oktoberfest Run Report

      Despite the imminent horror of the federal election breathing down our necks, a large gang of *FANBACians gathered at the Ramada Inn to celebrate fall.   The weather was gorgeous for once and those with convertible tops converted them down.  Those without, coveted those with.
      The drive was the sort of outing we all hope for, the skies where clear and warm, the roads where (mostly) smooth and and views where scenic.  When we finally arrived at the restaurant we found every parking spot full and cars spilling out onto the road.  It turned out that a large bicycle club was using it as a gathering spot and the restaurant still held our reservations.  A good thing too since we had hit it at the height of Octoberfest and it was booked solid.
      Karen and Ralph joined us soon after, with the Moncton crew arriving in dribbles over the next while.  Moncton's group included a lovely Porsche 356 speedster which we all took turns drooling on. 

 * No British Automobiles

Bob E.

Report on FABAC’s October Meeting

 With the driving season winding down, the business was quick and painless.
  • Gary thanked the organizers (Dianne & Bob) for the Carter House run and lunch.  As always, the weather was spectacular making the drive great fun.
  • Barb was thanked for her run to the cafe at the Reversing Falls.  This is one run that deserves a repeat.
  • John D. talked about his two proposed runs: one to Quebec City next spring and the other to the Fundy Trail.
  • Bob (me) gave a quick reminder of this weekend's Octoberfest run to Adolph's in Knightville.  He...well I reminded folks of their need to make their own reservations.  For once, the weather is predicted to be warm and sunny.
  • David told some jokes that were surprisingly well received.
  • The next meeting will be at Moco's on King St on the 20th of Nov.
 Afterwards many of us met up in the parking lot where by coincidence, we had all parked beside each other.  We took the opportunity to go on treasure hunts through each other's trunks.  I came away with a much needed 'Sawz-All' (in the middle of a massive home demo/reno).  I hope Joe doesn't need it anytime soon.
 Bob E.

Plans are in place for our November meeting

Hello Folks-  
We have reservations at Moco (corner of King and Regent) upstairs, on November 20 at 5:30.  They could not give us the entire area but we will be in the larger area and they will try to not seat people in the next section until 6:00, to give us an opportunity to conduct business.  Sandra and I have eaten at Moco several times and are always very satisfied with the food and service.  So if you find the FABAC meeting boring, come for the food and company. 

Monthly FABAC Meeting this Wednesday

October 16 5:30
Fedora Room (upstairs at the entrance) at Sam Sneads.
Kingswood Golf Course on Hanwell Road

An exceptionally fine TR6 available in London, Ontario

I was contacted by the Webmaster for the Toronto Triumph Club who asked if we could post an ad.
The car is listed on the TTC’s Web site at:
For additional information please contact Keith Stewart at or at (519) 660-1916.

(Click on photo for larger version)

The Annual Octoberfest Run is once again on!

  Sunday Oct 20th

   This year I'm asking that everyone make their own reservations.  This will be much easier for planning on the part of the restaurant staff.  When you make your reservation, please let them know that you're with the Car Club so that they can seat us together. 

     (506) 433-4735

   Book early as there are other functions later in the day.

Gasthoff Old Bavarian Restaurant
1130 Knightville Road
Menu here.
Payment Cash or Cheque

      Gather at Ramada Inn parking lot (north side) on Sunday, Oct 20th at 10:30 noon, rain or's gonna rain of course so there's no contingency plan for sunshine.
The route:

  • Depart the parking lot at 10:45 sharp along the scenic 105.  
  • a short detour along the boring Trans Canada to avoid the partially demolished bridge. 
  • regain the 105 after Jemseg and turn left onto the 695 heading towards Cambridge Narrows. 
  • after Crossing the bridge at Cambridge Narrows we turn left onto the lovely and relaxing 710. 
  • the 710 makes a right turn somewhere after someplace named 'Cody's'. 
  • join up with the straight and boring (but thankfully short) highway 10, 
  • just before Sussex, turn left onto Roachville Rd.  I don't remember if there's much of a sign there but if we/you miss it, you/we can pick it up soon after at the interchange. 
  • follow Roachville Rd a while until you see the right hand turn onto Knightville Rd....which is on the right. 
  • at some point the restaurant will appear on the right.
     Maps or GPSs are well advised.  I no longer get lost and lead folks astray, but we may become separated. We hope to get there around 1:00.    
   The folks from Moncton will be joining us again.
    Bob E.

FABAC Monthly Meeting October 16th

Johanna has arranged for our place of meeting at the Fedora Room (upstairs at the entrance) at Sam Sneads for 5:30.