Holiday Party Update

Our Holiday Party is being held at the Fredericton Motor Inn, Regency Room this coming Wednesday, Dec 12th at 5:30.

We will have the option of ordering from the menu or from the buffet. The buffet will have their festive chicken as well as their seafood casserole. Buffet cost is $19.95 but does not include dessert or hot drinks.

By popular demand we will be having our annual Yankee Swap. For those participating the recommended gift value is in the $10.00-$15.00 range. I have confirmed that there will be a Christmas tree for the occasion.

We will also have an associated charity event. This year Johanna P. organized this for us and recommends the following. We would donate the money to the DECH Hospital Foundation, and indicate that we wish the money to go to the “Oncology Comfort Fund for Oncology Patients”. If you are writing a cheque, I would suggest “DECH Hospital Foundation- Oncology Comfort Fund”. Otherwise the money may go elsewhere.

 I think that covers it. Call or email me if you have any questions.

 Happy Holidays everyone,



Delay of tech session at Bob's.

      During the last breakfast I mentioned that I would hold an engine assembly tech session at my place.  As it turns out, the connecting rod bushings that I knew, I swore, I was certain I had—I don't.  After turning my well organized collection of new and old Jag parts into a large pile in the middle of the garage, they failed to materialize.
     While talking with Ian I learned that these bushings will need reaming to size after I drive them in.  Another set is on their way and I hope to start assembly before Christmas.
    Bob E.

The Landy Teardown Report

      After all the practice we got disassembling the Landy, pulling the engine apart was a breeze.  Nothing fell on us, we didn't have to lay on our backs, and the parts were small enough to allow us to use a hoist and engine stand.
      Armed with a complete lack of familiarity with Land Rover engines, Kelvin had issued concise instructions on the order of component removal after not having read the manual. We ignored him and blindly removed every nut and bolt in no particular order whatsoever. Stuff fell off, usually unexpectedly and usually accompanied by a gush of something gooey and foul smelling. 
     After a break for lunch (thanks Kelvin) we resumed and made quick work of getting the pan off. To our surprise, the bottom end was rust free and well oiled.  It was too bad that the other side was a rusty mess with two pistons solidly locked into their bores.
     During the teardown, Joe had offered his opinion (at great length) on using the modern V8 Rover engine rather than the medieval original engine.  Seeing the condition of the Landy's motor, Kelvin started to take him seriously.
    Joe also offered to clear up some garage space by taking the Mini to it's new home.  We were then entertained by the sight of Joe squeeeezing his way into the Westies cockpit.    This coming summer may be interesting.
   Bob E.

Photos by Phil O:

Work Day at Kelvin's

I will be having a work party this Thursday to strip apart the engine, gearbox, transfer box and to break down the engine to see if it can be used or if it is trash. Only then can I proceed with sorting out the drivetrain for installation this coming spring.
Lunch will be provided as usual around noon.
- KP

Christmas Party Donation

At the last FABAC meeting, we decided to donate the Christmas party charitable fundraiser to the Canadian Cancer Society. I suggested that we try and focus the gift so that it benefits Fredericton patients. In light of that, I contacted the Oncology social worker to ask for her suggestion. This is her response:

"The oncology comfort fund is dedicated specifically to Fredericton oncology patients and is used for gas cards, assisting with cost of medications, equipment (i.e. lymphedema sleeve if they don’t have coverage for example), and other necessities as deemed appropriate.”

Unless there is an objection to this use of the funds, we would donate the money to the DECH Hospital Foundation, and indicate that we wish the money to go to the “Oncology Comfort Fund for Oncology Patients”. If you are writing a cheque, I would suggest “DECH Hospital Foundation- Oncology Comfort Fund”. Otherwise the money may go elsewhere.


Another Gaspé Trip UPDATE

We can now make reservation at the Hotel La Côte Surprise in Percé. Just let them know you are with FABAC. (Information about the hotel is re-posted below for your convenience.) Please book as soon as you can as they will only hold the rooms for a short time.The members that are planning a 4 1/2 trip will have to book their own rooms in Percé.
I have booked the Quality Inn in Campbellton for the 18th or 19th—you can make a reservation for either one of these days.
- John DeW.

The Hôtel la Côte Surprise has 20 rooms with double beds $175.+ tax
Contact  Person :
Melissa Bissonnette
Hôtel la Côte Surprise
367 Route 132 ouest
Percé, Québec

Report on FABAC November Meeting

      With winter howling outside, we took advantage of the steak special to bump our collective cholesterol level up a few points.

      Gary took the floor for a few short items.
  • The Christmas party is booked at the Fredericton Inn for the 12th of December.
  • There will be a Yankee swap (gift limit of $15) and Johanna will collect for the Canadian Cancer Society. 
  • John refreshed everyone on plans for next summer's Gaspé tour.  John has reserved a number of rooms but people will need to confirm individual bookings. Cutoff will be May 1st, 2019. 
  • The club was informed that Dan Nichols has passed his citizenship test and will be sworn in soon.  The date/time/place will be announced allowing supporters to attend.
  Bob E.

Update for making Gaspé bookings

When booking a room at the Quality Inns please call this phone number 1 800 247-7045 and use the ID number:
Matane Qc=DT48R8
Campbellton =NS61D1
- John D.

Obituary of Sandy Bentley

All of you who met Sandy at the wonderful PEI events at the Bentley's home will be sadden to hear of her passing.