Dave and Pat in Quarantine

I asked Dave for a little write-up of their experiences on the cruise ship off Japan. Thank you, Dave, for this glimpse into your lives.
- David N.


Here is some stuff I sent to the CBC. You can pick and choose what you want of what I wrote below. Also the good news today has been that today was the first day since our quarantine started that there were no reported cases of the Coronavirus.

Brrr I hear it is cold in Fredericton.

All the best Dave

I will attempt to paint a bit of a picture of our life aboard during this crisis. A key element has been being in the know. Communications aboard have been accomplished in a number of ways. We get regular updates from the Captain about 3 to 4 times a day. The captain started providing these right from the first and has given us all the feeling that we are kept up to date with events as they happen.

The updates from the captain included details on the ships operations, changes introduced by Japanese Quarantine Officials, the number of cases that have occurring each day and taken to hospitals in the area. They still also include schedules to allow passengers out on deck.

From the start of the quarantine period Princess has purchased from their satellite suppliers increased bandwith and increased download and upload speeds well beyond normal cruise ship board internet protocols, to allow for unlimited calls and video to and from family and friends for all passengers and crew. The captain commented that the Diamond Princess has set a record of having the most internet users as well as the fastest internet speeds of any ship ever.

We have made contact and receive communications from the Canadian Consulate in Tokyo just as a precaution. However we have not felt the need to pursue this further and hope it won't be necessary.

We are getting a daily synopsis of the news in a small newspaper published on board as well we receive copies of the New York Times International Edition from Japan.

Entertainment aboard is limited to what can be accomplished in our cabin. We get daily updates from both the English and Japanese cruise directors.

We have been given crafts such as Orgami with lessons provided on tv, do it yourself note card making which can be decorated and a set of colored pencils for those like my wife with an artistic touch.

We have been given playing cards to play card games in our cabins which we do several times a day. And I have downloaded Scrabble to my phone and we play Scrabble several times a day as well.

They have added more television stations to accommodate mostly the Japanese and Chinese passengers aboard but also one or two new English speaking stations.

In addition I have my kindle with over 1,100 books as another source of pastime.

We also have been following and doing Tai Chi exercises presented on our tv. Pat has been more religious about fast walking around the  inside of our cabin twice a day for about 40 minutes. My excuse is there isn't enough room for both of us to do it at the same time.

We get all of our meals delivered to our cabins morning noon and evening. Pat is on a low salt diet and they even manage to accommodate that requirement. We get a limited menu on our tray to indicate what we would like for the next day. We are now required to wear a face mask when we go to the door to collect our meals or even when we are sitting out on our balcony. It is always interesting to see what they have sent us to eat. The food has been pretty good so we might gain weight. Lol

We get regular updates of activities by the English and Japanese cruise directors on an early morning show. It includes such things as  instructions on how to wear our face masks properly, messages from the president of Princess Cruisers, Jan Swartz, and other company executives explaining items of interest to us all.

It was announced by the Captain on the noon briefing on Thursday Feb 13 that there were a further 44 passengers determined to have the Coronavirus.

Also there has been a change in policy by the Quarantine officials for those passengers over 80 years of age who have not tested positive. They will be given the option of spending the rest of the quarantine period in Japanese government controlled housing ashore.

A lot of our friends probably saw something about this policy on the news and have asked if we are getting off the ship, but the policy doesn't apply to us.

When we last came back from our sea excursions the ship docked on its port side to shore so we lost our view of the ambulance activity. Pat is happy about that because seeing all the ambulances made her very nervous. The good thing about the change is that we are now on the sunny side of ship so it has been very pleasant to sit out on our balcony and read.

Yesterday when it was our turn to go out on deck Pat called our neighbors across the hall in an inside cabin and asked if they would like to go out in our place, which they gratefully accepted.

It is now February 14th with 5 days left to go. Keeping our spirits up.


Dave and Pat Strang

Happy Valentine's Day from Pat and Dave

Wishing you Happy Valentine's Day.
The ship gave us a bunch of goodies which helped to cheer us up.

Automotive lighting

A lot of good information about lighting for our cars, or any car for that matter.


OH, NO!!!

 Many FABACians have followed with interest the many travels of Dave and Pat S. over the years. Bruce P., who too is a traveler of note, forwarded this message to me this morning from Pat and Dave:

"What a drag! Quarantined in our stateroom for 14 days. This is screwing up our travel plans. We docked this morning to get more supplies and all the TV crews were out there. We must be famous. Lol."

Triumph mud flap presentation July 2003

This is the original mud flap presentation at the St. Nicholas Motel, Rustico PEI, July 2003.  Apparently the presenter did not want to be seen with a non-LBC owner, hence the mask (Who is that masked man?).  The recipient had won the mud-flaps the previous evening but, not being at the awards dinner they were claimed by the masked man who presented them the next day as seen in the photo.  Subsequently, at a FABAC Christmas party at the Pond’s - perhaps a year later - they were grabbed at the Yankee Swap - probably because of the glittering wrapping ("not everything that glitters is gold”) by another non-LBC owner. 
- David R.

More sad news (Updated with obituary link.)

     Once again we have some sad news to share. Chloe Ball, daughter of Dwight and Barb, passed away peacefully in her sleep early Tuesday morning.  I know I'm joined with the rest of you in passing along our deepest sympathy and heart felt sadness to Dwight and Barb.

     Visitation will take place at York Funeral Home, 302 Brookside Drive, Fredericton on Wednesday, February 5, 2020 from 2 to 3 pm followed directly by the Memorial Service in York Funeral Home's T. Gordon MacLeod Memorial Chapel at 3 pm with Rev. Basil Lowery officiating.


FABAC Meeting February 19th

Not at St. Louis Bar & Grill after all. It will be held at Luna Pizza at 91 York Street.
Thanks to Susan and Dan for making the arrangements.

MG advert from the wonderful British Pathé archives

Anyone out there remember this?   I didn’t have my driver’s license in 1948.  J