FABAC Moving Joe's 49 MG YT

 Greetings FABACians,
Enclosed are photos showing the FABAC restoration crew moving Joe H's 49 MG YT from Ernst's storage place.  Joe may be calling for help with this project.  It is great to see another British car project on the go!!
Tim Ross



There! That didn't take long!!!!
(added by David N.)

How's your oil filter?

I came across this and thought that some of you might like to see it and decide for yourself if the oil filter you are using is a good one or not.

- Chris Daigle

FABAC April Meeting Tonight

 We're having our regular monthly meeting at 7pm this evening. It will be a Zoom meeting hosted by Dan with the link provided below.

 One of the items I'd like to discuss is the location for our next meeting in May. Hopefully by then (May 19th) we'll be able to hold our meeting outside as we did last year at Carleton Park. The wrinkle in this plan is Carleton Park may very well be closed to traffic/parking due to the large road construction project planned for that area. So we need an alternate location should that be the case. Please bring suggestions.

 Another item to discuss is the ongoing need for events. We still do not have any scheduled events on the calendar. Please bring some ideas forward and more importantly offers to lead these. 

Use the same link you received in previous emails re meetings or breakfasts.

(If you don't have it, email David at theoldfiddler@gmail.com)



300bhp MG Abingdon Edition

Sensational Performance with 1960's Charm !


- Passed along by John D.

Trying to make space in the garage

I have a couple of items to give to someone (free) who might have use for them.
The first item is one Rostyle rim for an MGB.  It could use a bit of paint but otherwise it is very serviceable.
The next item(s) is a group of three only Redline tires off of a TR6.  These are not road worthy.  The tread is too worn not to mention that at 45 years old, they are well past their due date.  I just thought that someone might like to have them for???
If you would like any or all, drop me a note at chrisdaigle@rogers.com and I will get them to you when I can.


FABAC Monthly Meeting April 21st


Dan has agreed to Zoom host our April 21st monthly meeting. Let's hope we can hold the May meeting at Carleton Park.

- Gary

MG gone home!

  Delivered the MG back to Bryan this weekend.

- Joe