Canadian Grand Prix

I’m planning to host the guys and girls if they want to come, to watch the Canadian GP in my Garage next Sunday. 

Looks like a 2:30pm start our time.
- Joe

Report from Quebec

Forty-four British cars in attendance. The trip was made by Chris, Beth, Mark, Ernst, Gary, and myself. It has been a great trip so far. We will be leaving in the morning. Ernst and the Marcos won 2nd place for the most exotic car in the show. Hope all is well–have a great weekend. We are all ready to go home as it has been very windy here.


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Stanley Fair

Just received a note from Larry. Once again we have been invited to participate at the Stanley Fair. We normally attend on the Saturday, which is Aug. 19th this year.

- Gary

Hoyt Car Show Saturday, June 3rd

Some folks might be interested in going to the 23rd Annual Hoyt Car Show on Saturday, June 3rd, 6673 Route 101 in Hoyt.  It runs from 10:00am to 3:00pm.  It’s a small show but they usually have some interesting vehicles there.  Chime in on the FABAC site if interested and perhaps we can get together to make a small tour of it.


Too many cars!

1976 Triumph TR6 for sale:

Current owners 15 years.
Total miles on car: 148,537 (approx. 50k since rebuild)
Paint: tired—some bubbling in a couple of spots
Interior: tired
Tires: new
Battery: quite new
Mechanically: very good
Engine: rebuilt by Central Auto some time ago—no issues
Convertible top: excellent
Clutch: master cylinder replaced recently
Brakes: good
Inspection: good until July 2024

Make an offer.  email

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Report on May Meeting

(Argh!....looks like I tried writing verses printing last night during the meeting.  I'm not sure I can read this mess but I'll give it a go.)

   Ahem (Rob clears his throat...)...
   Gary started the meeting by greeting the few folks who showed up (it was a small table) and thanked the ever lovely Johanna for arranging the dinner venue.
  • The most recent Tuesday breakfast was attended by not one, not two, but three ladies—at once!   They were  impressed with our deportment and mentioned that they would urge the other lady FABACians to drop by.  Ladies get treated to a free breakfast.
  • Two events are upcoming in June, the road trip to Quebec for the British car show there, and the Gagetown craft fair. June 25
  • There was talk of a 'solar panel tour'.  It seems that three folks may be planning a tour. Stay tuned for this one.
  • The next meeting will see a resumption of the summer picnics we've so enjoyed the last few years. It will be at the Centennial Park at Mactaquac on June 21st. at (around) 5:30 PM.
    Rob Earl

FABAC May Meeting - Wed May 17th - RustiCo Restaurant

Just a reminder of our May meeting this Wed at 5:30 at the RustiCo restaurant located at the corner of Westmorland and King.

 Hope to see you there.

Miniature Motors

There was some discussion about working miniature motors at our Tuesday morning get togethers.  Here’s some info that I’ve had bookmarked for some time.  Got to admire the skill and ingenuity of these people.



The Miniature Engineering Museum Collection


The Craftsmanship Museum