FABAC Meeting March 20th

March 20 Meeting Gahan House Riverside

426 Queen Street 


See you there!!

Bob E passed along these two interesting sites

The good: the only Tumblr blog not  dedicated to porn.  Excellent photos of vintage racing.  Most are captioned with dates and names.

The bad and ugly: Any comments I have would get my mouth washed out with soup.

Report on the February 20 Meeting

      One common thread from last evening's February dinner was how sick everyone is of winter.  We usually all get pretty bummed around this time but this year seems worse.  The meeting stuff was short as there's not much going on what with the darned snow, ice, cold and more ice but it was fun to hear about all the cars being traded.  It seems that Kelvin is gaining a lot of garage space while others are losing it.
  • Dan was thanked (in absentia) for his citizenship party last month.  They're now basking in Spain on the Med.
  • John Dewitt (also by proxy) reminded everyone about the summer's upcoming grand tour.
  • Kelvin, who was present, announced the date of the St George's Day bash in April.
  • The next meeting will be at a new restaurant 'Gahan's' on queen St (where the Vault used to be).
   Bob E.

The Chase - Ralph's essay Jan 2019

The Chase

Oh the mystery! Oh the treasure! Oh the cobwebs and mouse poo!

What is hiding in that barn down a long winding lane? Perhaps instead it is a small garage in a back lane or even just a shed with a twisted ramshackle door about to fall off.  All you can see so far is that the building has not been opened for a long time. The grass and weeds are tall. Small alders crowd the driveway, elbowing each other for space.  Or maybe it is winter, and the fresh snow lies pristine. What could be behind these long-forgotten doors?  Stories have been whispered for days, weeks, maybe months or even years. A tidbit here and a morsel there. ­­­ Maybe they could be true. There is, after all, a touch of credibility to the tales.

You crave this moment when the truth is so close, just the swing of a garage door away.  You expect to be disappointed, of course, but maybe this time - maybe this time, just maybe, this will be the time.

A deal has been struck. Access has been arranged. Trees have been cut down, the old plywood patch on the building removed, the rusty hardware pried off and many shovel loads of dirt are hastily freed from the ground in front of the door.  Now is the time of truth. What will you find?  Is this the time?

The pearls that you pursue are now almost in view and your waiting is over. Years of neglect and abandonment are slowly and carefully lifted away to reveal the treasure. The room is dimly lit and the dust is thick in the air but none of that matters. All at once years of junk are cast off, the kiddie pool, a bag of rags, and another full of pop cans are lifted away.  Old car parts and pieces of wood and cardboard are cast aside to reveal a threadbare old blanket.  The shape it hides is evocative, but it is what you expect to see. With a pull it slides off to the floor and there it is.  Finally, there it is.

And you are not disappointed.  In reality you are rarely disappointed. To explore and be the first to discover something that was lost or unseen is a thrill, something that will never grow old.

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Garage envy

Here’s an interesting site.  I’ve been on his website before but not for some time.  If not careful, one could develop a serious case of garage envy. J


For sale: 1974 Triumph TR6 Asking $9,000

Posting for a friend and fellow enthusiast  I have driven the car and mechanically is very sound but needs TLC on seats and a general tidy up thanks for looking Please feel free to send comments to me direct at ralphholyoke@gmail.com or contact John thru email at bottom.

This car runs great and has been a joy to drive. It is a timeless British classic! The car is in great mechanical working order but does need some cosmetic TLC.

New Brunswick Inspected until September 2019. Located in Saint John NB.  Some may know the car it was purchased outside Truro in 2014.

Recent work done:
New front brakes
New water pump (Radiator flushed and checked)
New Rear Coil springs (have front ones)
New Stainless Steel exhausted system
Gas shock conversion in rear
New coil, Spark plugs, wires, and points
New clutch master and slave cylinder
New head light switch
New signal light switch
New battery
New rear transmission seal
New differential seal
New differential mounts (Reinforced frame mounts also)
New seat belts
New Starter
Comes with cover

Reason for selling – Too many toys and diversions Don’t use the car enough and it deserves to be driven more!
Asking $9,000 No trades please
John: (506)-977-3885

Click on photo for larger version.

Report on January 16 Meeting

       2019 got off to a slow start as the few FABACians who aren't down south gathered for the January dinner meeting. 

      Gary took the somewhat sloped floor (it's an old building) and thanked Sandra for booking the MOCO restaurant.  The excellent food and service softened the blow dealt by the recent closure of our default meeting spot.

Other points were:
  • Congratulations were passed to Dan on his upcoming citizenship swearing-in.  More
      news has already been posted here. 
  • A reminder was made regarding this summer's GaspĂ© trip. 
  • The Fredericton Inn has already been reserved for this (next?) winter's Christmas/holiday
  • Gary reminded folks about the  breakfasts at the Coffee Mill on Prospect and
      Smythe streets on alternate Tuesday mornings.  Dates and times are listed on the site.
      They continue to be well attended. 
  • Bob showed off his Christmas present; E-Type socks, with an impromptu soft shoe move.
  • There was also an update on the E-Type's engine rebuild. 
  • Our next meeting will be at Dimitri's Restaurant on the 20th of February.
Bob E.

FABAC January 16 Meeting.

Sandra has made reservations for us at MOCO Restaurant (corner of Regent and King) at 5:30 on Wednesday, January 16th.  We will be seated upstairs.
Happy Holidays!