Update for THIS Sunday's run.

This Sunday, the 2nd of April, we will gather on the Woodstock Rd at Steve's Big Scoop, now closed for the season.

We will leave at 1:00 PM sharp for a 2:00 PM arrival at Dumfries Maple Syrup.   
This is a rain or snow, or sleet, or hail, or snot run.  The weather looks reasonable but you know how it changes.
  Rob E.

Some hope for the younger generation

I thought the club members might be interested in this. It’s nice to see someone under 30 working on a British Car. This kid looks like he’s under 18 working on an MGB—  three episodes

POSTPONED: First run of the season: Dumfries Maples 26th March

This run is postponed due to weather

 I hope to be able to reschedule it for next week. Stay tuned. 

Next Sunday at Dumfries Maples in (you guessed it) Dumfries at 1:30PM.

I propose we meet at the Timmies where Prospect St and Woodstock Rd meet for a 12:30-ish departure.

Due to congestion at the Timmies parking area, lets meet at Miller's Ice just a bit further up on the left. 
Blue metal building. They have an ice cream shop there in the summer.
 Good call Phil.
   Rob E.

The reservation is for 12 people and if we have more I'll call and see what I can do.
Please indicate your intention here as soon as possible!
Bob E.

Notes from FABAC March meeting.

 While the dinner went for some time as we languished over a variety of goodies at The Wolastoq Wharf restaurant, the meeting part was taken care of in record time.

  • Ernst V will lead a group to Quebec City this summer.  Details will be posted soon.
  • The next meeting/dinner will be at Byblos Restaurant on the 19th of April. Ann Crumley volunteered to make the arrangements.
  • The first run of the season: to Dumfries Maples for maple syrup, will take place
  •  on the 26th of March.  See details here.
  • There was a short discussion regarding restaurants that we haven't been to in some time.  It was suggested that we make a list as reference.
  • All members send their regards to Barb-n-Gary in Florida.  We hope that Gary doesn't mind being dragged to all those RC airplane events.
   Rob E.

March Meeting: Wednesday, March 15 @ Wolastoq Wharf

A reservation has been made for our March 15th meeting at Wolastoq Wharf.

527 Union Street, on Fredericton's Northside.

Menu: https://www.stmarysretail.com/wolastoq-wharf


I have reserved for 18 people at 5:30 in my name.

Please let me know via the comments section, below, if you plan to attend.

If our numbers vary from 18, I need to inform the restaurant.


Dwight Ball

Triumph TR6 2.3 litre four-cylinder and 57mm turbo in a quarter mile


(Passed along by John D.)

Windsor Car Show

Ernst and I are saying at Avon River Hotel. The phone number is 1 (902) 790-6955. You may want to check it out on line. 


Details on Quebec City Trip (UPDATED March 1)

The trip to Quebec city Ernst and I  will be doing:

  • Day one June 1 meeting at 8:30 AM, Kingsclear Gas bar leaving at 9 AM. 
  • Driving to Woodstock and on to Hartland, Grand Falls and Edmonston—stopping at the Grey Rock Casino for lunch.
  • Drive to Baker Lake and on to Quebec city. Check into a hotel.   I just wanted to let everyone know that Ian, Mark, Ernst and I will be staying at Wyndham Hotel, a member of the Days Inn. If anyone is interested here is there phone number 1 (418) 831-1331. It’s located about 6km from the show grounds.   
  • Day two June 02. Maybe a bit of sightseeing around Quebec city, and check in with some of the organizers of the car show.                                      
  • Day three June 03. Register for the car show. After the car show is over on Saturday, maybe get together with club members for dinner.                   
  • Day four June 04. Drive back to Fredericton on the same route we came up on. 
Click on a map for a larger view.