Jim B's Little Brown Tour Book

I mentioned in my River Valley Tour posting that I learned of this book that Jim has been keeping from before he and Ellie had even joined the club. Phenominal! 

"Driving A Slow Car Fast But Safe"

Click on a page and taste a bit of FABAC history from Jim's logbook.

Four-Ferry Run for Saturday, October 2nd

I have taken Carol's idea and expanded it to a four ferry run before they pull one of them from service. 

  • Meet in Oromocto at Gateway Tim’s by Sobeys at10:00am. 
  • Leaving at around 10:30am driving though Geary take the Branch Road to Rte 101 to Welsford to Grand Bay. 
  • Take the old road to Saint John. Drive along Lancaster Ave. to meet up with Ralph H. at Brits Pub Rockwood Park golf club for lunch.  
  • Then drive to Rothesay to Quispamsis and take the Gondola Point ferry to Kingston peninsula to Belleisle ferry 
  • Stop for ice cream 🍦 if is still open. 
  • Then on the Evandale ferry to Gagetown ferry to rte 105 and home. 

The Saint John members may wish to leave at Evandale to drive back to Saint John or continue on to go to town then take the route to Saint John through Cambridge Narrows. Ralph will be making the reservations for lunch so could you please let us know as soon as possible if you’re going to be going. As he is going to reserve a function room at the golf club. Also, Ralph highly recommends the restaurant. 

John (292-4855)

River Valley Run

Carolyn and I wish to thank the 15 FABACians who joined us on our little "Too-nice-a-Day-to-Stay-Home" run up to Hartland. I appreciated John D's input to help me decide on the route (and arrange for perfect weather) and Henning's suggestion to eat at the Waterfront Pub in Nackawic (Excellent food and service). We even tried Pat S's suggestion to get ice cream at YUMYUM's on the way home but it was closed.  :-(

The highlight of the trip was that Ellie and Jim joined us! For any of you who don't know them, Jim planned and led countless wonderful runs over the two decades. Maybe I shouldn't say 'countless' because Jim actually has counted them! For the first time, Jim showed me a little book where he had logged every FABAC trip that he was on from when he first joined in the early days of our club! Details of how many vehicles, distance travelled, the weather, and much more. I'll have to make a copy of a sample page and share it with the club. Absolutely a phenomenal record of activities! Thank you, Jim.



Lots of fine photos from John D.


Click on any photo to see the whole set in larger format.



Too-Nice-A-Day-to-Stay-Home Run this Sunday September 19th

Perfect days are all but impossible to nail down, but Carolyn and I propose we not let this Sunday's perfect weather slip by us. Those who are disappointed that the McAdam run had to be cancelled might consider joining us for "The River Valley Run". We all know Dan's frustration in trying to coordinate things when the weather forecasts keep changing. Everyone appreciates his efforts in attempting to get the event to work. Don't give up!

  • Meet at the Mactaquac Park entrance (Don't enter the Park.) at 10:45am
  • Head up the 105 to Nackawic and have lunch/brunch at the WaterFront Pub (We heard good things about the food.) Outdoor tables are available and a menu on line.
  • Cross the river and join the highway for a bit and take the river road (165) to Woodstock.
  • Cross the river and get back on the the 105 to Hartland. (We understand that the 105 to Hartland is in reasonable condition.
  • Cross the Longest Covered Bridge in the World at Hartland. (Have an ice cream somewhere around there, and a fuel and watering stop as well.)
  • Take the 103 back to Woodstock where we can get ice cream if we missed it at Hartland.
  • We can continue home on the 165, or jump on the Trans-Canada Highway, or be brave and try that part of the 105.
We can modify any part(s) of this plan if you have suggestions.

All FABGIJACians (Corrected) welcome!

Carolyn and David

Cancellation of Sunday's run to the McAdam station

 The differing weather forecasts for this weekend show that it will be unsettled with a good possibility of rain. Considering the money commitment that the McAdam people must make, I consider it best to cancel now. This is too bad as Susan and I and you all were looking forward to it.


Hear Ye! Hear Ye! This Wednesday's FABAC Meeting will be held on Thursday!

 It promises to be a fine weather day for a meeting on Thursday, so we're going to grab it while we can! Warm up your Little British Cars (and whatever!)

Where? Carleton Park

When? Thursday September 16th 5:30pm

Why? COVID concerns re indoor gatherings and weather concerns re patio dining.

By the way, Carolyn discovered shortly after our last meeting that MOCO Mactaquac has changed its hours and are now closed Wednesdays. So, she reserved space for us at Wolastoq Wharf restaurant but now cancelled for COVID reasons. You might consider them for your meal on Thursday because they do takeout.

See you Thursday!
David N

Fine photos from Pat and Dave


St George Tour - Saturday Sept 11/21

     Just to add to John's note. This was yet another one of John D's wonderful, well-planned tours. This time to St George via roads that I certainly never traveled seeing new found and beautiful scenery through such areas as Rollingdam and Elmsville.
     A DOH's recent chip seal project on one of the road segments tried to upset John's road plans. However all 7 cars decided to travel this segment, albeit below the posted speed limit and well spaced so no rocks and minimal dust was raised.
     We all arrived at the Birch's Restaurant in St George, to a very crowded restaurant. However, John had made reservations for the outside deck. We had a wonderful lunch where many were complimenting the quality of the food, the overall trip to that point and the great weather with temps in the low 20's—not too hot and certainly not too chilly—just right for top down sports car driving. This tour was also a chance for Phil and Pam to premiere their beautiful Miata MX5 to the club. Hopefully pics of it will be forwarded by attending members who took pictures.
     After lunch, Barb and I departed for a family visit in Saint John while the rest of the group continued the tour towards St. Andrews and back home. I'll let others comment on that portion, but I suspect, like all of John's other trips, it too went well.
     So once again, I'd like to thank John for putting on yet another wonderful tour that provided us some great sports car roads, lots of beautiful NB scenery and of course a very tasty and filling lunch.
    Thanks to all those who attended making this a very special day with many friends.   
    Thanks John.

     Gary and the Group