Dan Nicholes update

Susan Butterfield just let Johanna know that Dan is now in hospice.  She wanted to let us in FABAC know that he is being well taken care however he is not able to receive visitors.


Notes from April FABAC Meeting


Last night started off looking like we were going to have to go hunting for someplace else to eat when our dinner reservations weren't. Sandy was able to twist an arm and get us in. Kudos to her.

As usual, Gary took the floor while dodging some new-fangled delivery robot (how long until it gets hacked and goes on a food flinging spree?).
  • There wasn't much to report as it's been a quiet month, what with spring happening.
  • Carol & John have some runs planned for later on and we have some BIG runs also happening later. 
  • There's an airshow and Windsor's field meet and the long awaited trip to Owl's head.
  • We need something this month, just a short get-em-out of the garage trip with a nice little drive that involves food at some point. It doesn't have to be far or fancy. How about a picnic somewhere? We haven't done one of those in years and anybody can make a sandwich.
  • Our next dinner will be at Dimitri's on the 15th of May—always a favourite with us.
Rob E.

GT6 Rear Discs

Everything‘s going great with the rear brakes. This is the final mock up. The bracket is on its way to the machine shop. Hoping to have it by Friday. I’m trying to have everything up and running by the end of April. 

Can a self-driving car be courteous?

Tesla owners have been given a month of free Full Self Driving (Supervised) to see for themselves how far the technology has come. We can use FSD (Supervised) as long as we give full attention to the road ahead (Yes, there is a camera in the car checking that.) and keeping hands on the steering wheel prepared to take over if the car does something unexpected. I truly have been enjoying having the car do all the driving, signalling, turning, stopping, avoiding pedestrians and bikers. Set a destination and watch the magic. On Friday, I was using FSD to take me to the Southside of Fredericton and the car did something that really surprised me. You will see in the short clip below that there is lots of traffic and an oncoming vehicle signalled for a left turn across my lane. The car ahead almost stopped to let him turn but not quite. My Tesla made a full stop to let him cross, even though it knew there was a green light a ways ahead—a true act of courtesy. I did nothing. It is what I would have done, and that is what people are experiencing with FSD—it is acting so humanlike.

If you are interested in such things, the version of software doing this 'magic' is based on Artificial Intelligence. Super computers are given millions of hours of videos showing good driving habits in countless situations. The computer learns how to drive from these. This replaces an older method which involved writing hundreds of thousands of lines of computer coding trying to explain how to drive. One of the advantages of FSD is that the Tesla has eight cameras and no distractions. Everything we do is recorded on a little jump drive in the car. It is only shared with Tesla if there is an accident or we report a problem. It is not perfect yet, but it is being improved every day. I have had three updated versions of the software in the past ten days. I have several things I would like to see changed—time will tell how that goes.

If you are really excited about all of this, let me know and I would be happy to give you a demonstration.

- David

Monthly FABAC Meeting Wednesday April 17

East Side Mario’s is booked for the car club on Wednesday evening for 5:30.

- Joe H.

My photo of the Eclipse

 As seen by my solar panels:

David N.

Owl's Head Transportation Museum

There have been discussions at the Tuesday morning breakfast about a tour to the Owl’s Head Transportation Museum (https://owlshead.org/) for their Foreign Auto Rendezvous on Sept. 21st and 22nd.  The tentative plan is to travel on Friday Sept. 20th to the Augusta/Waterville, ME area via Calais for lunch and to Brewer/Bangor via US Rt. 9 (The Airline for us old folks) and on to the Augusta area where we will overnight.  The next morning (Saturday) will be an hour and fifteen minute drive to Owl’s Head.  I did look at accommodations closer to Owl’s Head but could find nothing under $300 US in September.

The car show ends at 3:00 PM on Saturday after which will travel to Ellsworth, about a two hour drive, where we will overnight.  Sunday morning we will travel to Campobello Island for a short tour of the island and lunch and then catch the ferry to Deer Island and on to St. George and Fredericton.

If you’re interested, chime in in the comment section and I’ll refine the trip details a bit further.

- Phil

Spitfire rear disc brakes

Well, here’s a mock up using secondhand parts. To see what my new rear brakes are going to look like. New parts on the way hopefully I’ll have it all done by mid April. 

And here are the ones on Mark Colwell's MGB. Ernst is working on them right now hoping to have it done by mid May. 

FABAC Meeting March 20th

Isaac's way is booked for 5:30 pm on the 20th March for twelve people. Not in the vault but they will set up tables in the main restaurant.

Special note: There is NO parking between their building and the old Service Canada building. It is now a tow away zone. Monitored 24 hours per day!

Al T.