2008 Z4 for sale

I have decided to sell this 2008 Z4, looks and drives like new. Almost 19000 Kms. Licensed through November. Inspected October 2020.
Will store over winter. Most are listed at $19,000

Don (wdmaca@gmail.com)

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2020 Christmas/Holiday Party - Wednesday Dec 9

     Very recently, I sent out a note concerning our Christmas/Holiday Party that I made reservations for last year at the Fredericton Motor Inn  (FMI). At the time of sending this note I was seriously leaning toward recommending we cancel it due the growing concerns of Covid and the lack of serious distancing protocols that I seen in other restaurants.  I have since called the FMI and have been comforted from the fact that they have, I believe, the Covid social distancing protocols in place that will allow us to have our Party there.

     In last evenings Zoom meeting we had a moderate but effective group to review and discuss my new findings about the Covid social distancing protocols that the FMI will have in place. As a group we decided based on these findings to proceed with our Party provided we had sufficient numbers wanting to attend. I was asked to provide further clarification on some items and upon that generate a note to our club clarifying the social distancing and other measures that the FMI will have in place for us. Here are my findings:

  • We will have a "private" meeting room that will hold our group but we have to have a minimum of 20 people attend. That too will allow us to have a buffet meal as in the past years. Buffet pricing will remain at $23.00 inclusive with coffee or tea  OR  $32.00 inclusive with dessert, coffee or tea.
  • With the buffet, however, guests are not able to serve themselves. We will have an Inn server behind the buffet line who will serve individuals in the buffet line. We must wear a mask when standing in line at the buffet and must remain at least 6 feet apart.
  • We will be seated 4 to a round table that normally seats 8. I'm told this maintains the appropriate social distancing requirements.
  • We must wear a mask in all areas outside of our private room and we must maintain the 6 feet distance between people in our private room.
  • We must provide an attendee's list to the restaurant for follow-up if required as per Provincial Covid protocols.
  • FMI has a temperature measuring device at the Lobby enabling guests to measure and monitor their own temperatures. I recommend we all do this as an insurance to protect ourselves and others.
  • We will not be doing the Yankee Swap or exchanging gifts as in the past.

      So that's it. Provided we bring our own masks or alternative approved protection, follow the distancing rules and  combined with the FMI social distancing measures in place our Party will be Covid compliant.

      We need to know confirmed numbers and names of those who will be attending. I need this as soon as possible to confirm our reservation.

      I know too that this may sound onerous but it's all there to help us and others to stay safe but it's also there to allow us as a very sociable group the enjoyment of getting together, to laugh, tell jokes, get caught up, talk cars or whatever and for a short while to get our snorkels above this bloody continuing Covid wave of bad news.

   Hoping to see you there,



FABAC Zoom Meeting Agenda

Here are a few items I'd like to discuss on this evenings Zoom meeting.

 #1 - Regular monthly meetings. Looking for ideas on how to hold an indoor meeting while maintaining all the Covid protocols for social distancing. At this point, after looking at a few options, I do not have any options that I can recommend. I'm taking a cautious position on this knowing that we have an aging group who are more susceptible to the virus and I do not want to recommend or be part of something that will put us at risk. If anyone has any ideas on how to maintain strict Covid social distancing protocols relative to a group indoor meeting then please let's discuss it this evening.

 #2 - FABAC Christmas Party. I made our Christmas party reservations at the Fredericton Motor Inn last year before the pandemic. Recently I received a call from them asking to confirm the reservation and number attending. Keeping in mind agenda item #1 I don't feel comfortable in recommending this outing either. That said, I will get further info from them as to how they can do this and yet maintain strict Covid protocols. So we will need to discuss this.

   Hope to see and hear from many of you on these important issues on this evenings call.



Important FABAC October Meeting this Wednesday

October 21 at 6:30 on ZOOM.

Details were sent to ALL registered members in an email. If you didn't get the email, then either you have not signed up, or the address I have is incorrect. 

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday. If you have any difficulties or questions, contact me at theoldfiddler@gmail.com or 363-2814


Grand Lake Tour photos from Pat and Dave S.

Click on a photo to see the complete set.

Grand Lake Tour October 18

 What a beautiful day we had today for a wonderful tour that took us all the way around Grand Lake with a visit to Minto along the way. No less than 12 cars and one motorcycle  participated in this scenic event. I'm sure that's a record turnout for this year and what a way to end the year—or maybe not if someone wants to lead yet another run. There's still time!

 It's hard to believe being from F'ton where most maple trees have lost their leaves, those along the roads south of us are still very much in color and still very spectacular.

  I'd like to once again thank John D. for planning the trip and thanks to Ernst for leading the group. All in all a pretty darn good day.

  Hopefully those who took pics can upload a few to David (theoldfiddler@gmail.com).



Sunday Oct 18 - Afternoon Trip to Grand Lake, Minto and Chipman

  Once again John D has proposed another tour for this Sunday for an afternoon trip to Grand Lake, Minto, Chipman areas. We will NOT be stopping for lunch due to Covid restaurant restrictions but we will be stopping in Minto at Tim Hortons for a break. 

 Where John's Triumph is still in the shop Ernst has agreed to lead the group.

 We will meet at the Ramada Inn for departure at 1pm taking Route 105 to McGowans Corner onto Route 690. Then onto Minto for a break. From Minto onto Chipman onto Route 10 to Whites Cove onto Route 105 to Fredericton.

  We should be back around 4pm.

  Sundays weather forecast is looking excellent, so let’s get as many cars out there as possible as our touring season is nearing an end.

  Please indicate if you are intending to attend.


FABAC Regular Monthly Meetings

   Due to Covid, we have been having our regular monthly meetings outside at Carleton Park. These have been well attended, were productive, fun and very successful. However, with the colder weather here, it was decided to look into inside venues for our upcoming meetings.

   Unfortunately, due to the current Covid conditions and now with the heightened awareness to socially isolate makes an inside venue somewhat risky at this time. So until we can find a venue where we can properly socially isolate, I think it's best we delay physically meeting for our regular monthly meetings. 

   With that in mind, I suggest we get together for a Zoom meeting as a regular meeting this coming Wednesday at 5:30 to discuss alternatives. Zoom meeting details to follow soon.


My Yorkie also F1 Fan

 I was watching the F1 pre-qualifying show and noticed that my Yorkie, Libby, in front of chair, also absorbing all activities and following the action.
- Herb